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Pulling the trigger on legacy software modernization

Technological progress and shifts in consumer demographics are driving companies to evolve new business models to better navigate increasingly competitive markets. As mobility becomes a key component in information technology strategies, more companies are being forced to consider legacy software modernization as a possible solution to the balancing act required in leveraging existing legacy systems against the need to find innovative ways to drive business. In order to address this issue, it’s necessary to determine at what point the benefits outweigh the costs of modernizing legacy software, and systems to be more in sync with modern business needs.

Knowing when to modernize legacy software

A company’s systems and applications are the key to evolving and modernizing their business models. But at what point does legacy IT modernization become a requirement before the company can further advance? Answering this question requires honest assessment of your existing system and its ability to address the following issues:

1. Your business methods have changed, but the systems supporting your business have not. When you first launched the software and applications now considered to be your legacy infrastructure, your workflow and customer engagement methods were likely very different than what they are now. Time and experience have provided you with new business practices better suited to your business model and you’ve reached the point that legacy software modernization is no longer an option.

2. Your existing system will not integrate with new solutions. As applications are integrated into the legacy system, there will be a point at which the core systems will no longer work with modern software and applications that are necessary to continue to evolve your business. The need to modernize this legacy software will become only too apparent as incompatibility between systems begins to cost the firm money and reputation.

3. The costs of operating and maintaining the legacy system exceed the cost of modernization. Though an expensive investment at the outset, it’s vital to accept that paying the cost to modernize legacy software now will result in greater efficiency and increased revenues over time.

4. Users, both clients and employees, struggle to use your system. Slow, difficult to use systems will affect productivity and client experience.

5. Mobility is not an option. Modern businesses require mobility. Legacy software modernization ensures clients are able to interact with your brand’s website or online marketplace. Modernization ensures your employees can engage clients and each other more efficiently. A legacy system that allows neither of these things by hindering the integration of mobility is a system that is in dire need of replacement.

A clear path to successful legacy software mod

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All you need to know about choosing a payment gateway

With the millennial population driving the disruption in online shopping, business mindsets are changing and rapidly shifting to upcoming mobile technologies to generate more sales and profits.
As a result, integrating the right payment gateway to your online store has become a vital conversion component that impacts the consumer buying cycle.

And why? 
As per a recent study, 50% of online shoppers would cancel their purchase if their preferred payment method isn’t offered, with GenZ (ages 18-24) being twice more likely to buy online.

Given this scenario, what’s the right approach to choosing the best payment gateway for your online business?

You need to start with identifying your business needs, your geography of operation, your existing technology components and your larger business goals. Once these variables are identified, you can then choose the payment gateway which best suits your needs.
The infographic below will help you understand the parameters which need your attention before you integrate the payment gateway with your online store and will help you zero down on the gateway which would be a right fit for your business

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Top 10 tech e-commerce mistakes that can make you lose money

With so much to do with marketing and promotions of your ecommerce business, you often tend to ignore a few technical aspects of your online store. While most of the business strategy execution goes into how to get more customers, absence of a strong technical foundation for your online store can be heavy on your pocket and you might end up having low conversions.

If you are new to ecommerce, we recommend you read our detailed roundup resource on ecommerce. It’s the best place to get started!

Once you are done reading it, you would have an idea on how things work across business functions in this industry. Apart from the mistakes that we have mentioned in the ‘Not to do’s’ section, there are some technical mistakes that we wanted to elaborate upon.

So, to make sure you are ahead on the technical front, we have prepared a list of 10 tech ecommerce mistakes that you should avoid:

1) Not optimizing your site for mobile phones

Over 80 percent of all consumers do their shopping on smartphones. Many e-commerce sites seem to be unaware of this and are, therefore, paying less attention to their phone and tablet websites. This is a huge opportunity that they are missing out on.

Are you one of them?

We strongly suggest you if not mobile, at least your online store should be mobile responsive.

The mobile site should have smaller images and should be minimalist. To create a site that can fit into all screen sizes, you should use fluid layouts. These should adapt to whatever screen size your customers use. Besides, you should make sure the images are highly responsive to clicks.

Your aim should be to increase the functionality of your site on mobile phones. All the necessary items should be accessible to the users. These include the customer reviews, prices, description, and even product search engines.

2) Using services with no load balancing

According to an eCommerce trends report by BigCommerce, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life! With such a high acceptability for e-commerce, a sure way to make your business raise profits is to attract as many people to your store as possible.

If you plan to game up the traffic numbers, you wouldn’t want people to drop off due to a slow online store.

That means you need to employ a hosting service with great load balancing so that the large traffic does not affect the speed of the site at any given time.

This usually involves the use of a secondary server to distribute the load for optimal speeds. eCommerce industry is becoming too competitive. So, your potential customers now have much higher expectations from your site.

Utilize the advancements in website hosting well to save yourself from the disappointment. Make necessary load balancing changes by speaking to your hosting provider.

3) Not using HTTPS certificates

HTTPS certificates must be used wherever financial transactions are made on the internet. They ensure that the transaction and communication between the browser and the e-commerce site are encrypted for security purposes. When functional on your site, a padlock symbol will be used to signal strong security.

Without a HTTPS certificate, all well-informed buyers will be reluctant to use credit and debit cards to pay for goods on your site.

Apart from the added security, it enhances the integrity of your website. Learn why Google highly recommends using HTTPS.

4) Complex site structures

E-commerce sites should have simple schema structures. When planning your site structure, create categories and subcategories with a customer centric mind. The product pages should be easy to discover. Do not confuse your customers with a very complex navigation.

Deep and dynamic links should be used only when necessary. For example, you shouldn’t link to a misspelled version of your URL, or even to a page that is of low relevance to your products.

To provide a seamless user experience it is advised to minimize the distance between any two web pages. This will:

  1. Optimize your web store for SEO.
  2. Increase the loading speed of your site.

5) Using unsecure payment gateways

Buying goods over the internet involve secondary payment gateways. This, in turn, involves credit and debit cards, in addition to other sensitive information.

To reduce the chances of losing customers, you need to provide assurance that their information is secure whenever their transactions are being carried out. This is especially important if you are a small or new service. You can ensure secure transactions by using the standard SSL encryption.

A PCI-DSS compliant payment system adds credibility and trust to your online store. Failing to ensure these standards can lead to serious legal issues and payment frauds.

6) Long delays

According to statistics, about 40 percent of people will drop if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. E-commerce sites are generally slower than they used to be. However, unless you are a big name in your industry, few people will be ready to wait for your site to load.

To prevent long delays in your service, you should use smaller images and always update your content management system. Also, eliminate irrelevant or broken links since they still trigger an HTTP request-response cycle. This wastes your page’s load time considerably.

7) Not using cloud-based hosting solutions

If you haven’t migrated to the cloud, we suggest you need to buck up! Cloud-based e-commerce hosting services have lots of advantages. With such services, you don’t need to worry about losing your information or site. It is backed up on multiple servers, and if one fails, a different one will pick up the job.

For the same reason, your site will have exceptional performance, which is one of the aspects that will keep your visitors glued to your e-commerce store.
Greater computing power and RAM will also considerably boost the speed of your site. The recent developments in this technology are worth a toss and has made cloud-based e-commerce sites highly secure.

8) Bad process flow

Customers need to experience smoothness in their entire buying experience. One of the major pain point you need to address is that of a smooth order process.

Leveraging technology for account management & co-ordination is important for this reason. Technology should ensure seamless coordination of purchases with vendors and customers. It will also ensure that customers concerns are responded to appropriately and in good time.

In case of returns, the technology should also be streamlined to ensure minimum disruptions to the client experience since this will damage your reputation and future sales.

9) Failing to implement enterprise resource planning systems

If you still don’t have an ERP system in place consider reading this resource.
ERP systems help to manage internal and external resources of your e-commerce business. This will allow you to use resources without having to consider actual geographical locations.

For example, you can have your warehouse in one state or country and the customer service center in a different location. All these people will use the same data. Using these systems will also help to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company. In addition, the system will increase the cash to order cycle speed.

If you are bootstrapping, we won’t suggest you to implement an ERP as the first thing, but it should be in your strategy roadmap before things start getting out of proportion.

10) Poor internal search

E-commerce sites typically have a large inventory. No one appreciates the process of going through the products to find what they need. In fact, no one will even attempt to do this. Instead, customers look for the category list or the search bar. That means your site should have properly thought out categories, and the products should be listed under correct groups.

Have a robust search engine for your store. Ideally, your shopping cart should have an intuitive design and functionality. If customers spend lot of time searching for products on your site, it is highly likely that they will try a different store.

A good way to improve customer experiences is to use clickable parent category links. If a user can’t exactly figure out what sub-category they want to browse, they can use the parent name to check for what they need. Also, you can include as many sub-categories as is necessary. Once a user is at the level they want, they can use your search engine to filter through the many products you have.

If your statistics indicate that many of your customers are repeat visitors, you should also include a filter for new products. This can increase your sales considerably.

Instead of looking for fancy or sophisticated category names, you should just use descriptive and obvious titles. These will reduce confusion and make it easier to navigate your site.


Websites are making critical tech ecommerce mistakes that are costing them a large percentage of their customers. This is regardless of the fact that the sector is growing fast and steadily, and competition is becoming stiffer. To get an edge in your industry, you should consider these tips to improve your online store’s performance.

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Magento vs WordPress: Which is better for your business?

Putting your business online magnifies your customer base into a potentially worldwide audience. This, in turn, should increase your sales and your profits.
Today, while an overall business strategy is a must to start your online business, you can easily do away with the technology hassles by opting for a Content Management System.

To help you choose the best CMS for your business, let’s take a complete rundown on Magento vs WordPress – the two of the most popular platforms that you should consider when building an online store with a CMS:

But first,

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?
A Content Management System, or CMS, is a suite of applications or programs that lets you create and manage content that you want to put on the web. This content can include text, photos, videos, audio, shopping carts, games, comment boxes, interactive buttons, and programming code.

The primary advantage of a CMS is the ease of use. By putting together components, such as text boxes and photo frames into a window, you can create functioning business websites that allow for shopping without having any programming or network background.

The primary disadvantage is that you can only use what has been created for the CMS platform. If you have a new idea that you want to implement, you still need programming expertise.

Magento vs WordPress
Because it is specifically designed for ecommerce development, Magento easily creates online stores for adding products quickly, driving marketing, comparing specs, offering discounts and coupons, generating reports, optimizing search engine results, and managing multiple stores. A large pool of themes is available to standardize your site. A theme is a general design that unifies the background, fonts, layout, headers, footers, and other elements.

WordPress is primarily used for blogging, which makes it easy to create websites that focus on presenting text, photos, and multimedia. Not only does WordPress provide a user-friendly interface, its extensive user base provides a multitude of templates, themes, and third-party open source plug-ins such as the popular WooCommerce platform.


Ease-of-use: By using pre-built themes, answering questions, and choosing options, you can easily customize either platform to create the website you need.
Open-source platforms: If their current functions don’t meet your need, you can freely extend them with some coding.
Versions: Their free versions let you try them out before moving up to a more feature-rich paid version.
The following factors can help you determine which one works best for your business:

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Payday cash advances No Debit Card An advanced Approach that will Help you to

A good salaried man has at all times some polices attached that will the earnings for example; bill about earning within a set time frame, towards meet typically the expenses inside of a limited funds and countless more complications. But, imagine one is normally trying to find emergency funds towards satisfy a few urgent needs? Should the guy wait regarding then payday and also strategy any specific close friend or maybe comparative to set up financial sources? An atm card might help a homeowner in these circumstance, in cases where there is some cash on his bank account. But quite a few persons carry out not have faith in the addiction involving almost certainly saving and just shell out these people have. In such instances if emergencies will be position in the entrance and dollars is essential to meet these, online payday loans no debit card takes on a important role. Lending companies mainly advise these types of loans to be able to having absolutely no debit credit cards with these people and are generally throughout an important need.
Payday loan no debit card permits to position adequate hard cash account during period. No matter if to cover payment or eliminate typically the arrears, citizens sense treated because of all these funding to be able to survive in this particular period about inflation. In order towards are eligible for these kinds of loans, very few primary disorders are to be satisfied. First, borrower ought to be more as compared with 15 numerous years when program for college loan. Secondly, this individual need to have the check webpage in often the lender of BRITISH ISLES plus at last, he / she should get 1687 about once a month structure within a highly respected body. Almost such circumstances get customer qualified to include the selling point of fiscal assist.
Having a bad scores enjoy country courtroom judgment, personal voluntary agreement, insolvency, financial debt do not disqualify borrowers out of values connected with achievement of those loan products. Each one is addressed related with the face of creditors providing fast cash advance no charge card.
For availing these types of loans, customer has that will operate any issues -free technique of plan. On the web services of them money made this any wonderful personal preference. Fill on a license application type as well as post it again to the lender via online world and this is accomplished. The relax is the burden on the giver in order to find out the details along with downpayment the actual mortgage amount of money within borrower’s consideration.
Often, amount offered to borrowers under design of payday advances no charge card may differ in typically the choice of 80 to help 1500, dependent on their whole needs and even ability that will pay back. Any reasonable monthly interest7659 is costed on the actual quantity financed. The particular coppied value will be to get reimbursement on a quick repayment time i. e. 7 to 21 days and nights. Hence, pay day loan no charge card is a very opted preference used for getting together with short term will take.
Learn more: .

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